Welcome to the website of the Festival Committee of the City of Grevenmacher, our new official communication platform.

Just like an ambitious wine grower working to enhance the quality of his wines and crémants in order to face the challenges of an ever more competitive market, we made good use of our 65th anniversary to review and adapt our visual and graphic identity. We use the new identity in all our communication supports to promote our Moselle region, in Luxembourg as well as abroad.

Our new visual identity integrates the three products linked to the know-how of our wine growers. It inspires freshness, youth and dynamism while respecting and insisting on a past filled with tradition.

We radiate through the organization of the Grevenmacher “Grape and Wine Festival” in September and we are committed to the promotion of Luxembourg wines and crémants ; a commitment we have been pro-actively pursuing for much more than half a century.

In this matter, our spearhead is the Wine Queen of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Together with her maids-of-honour, the Wine Queen accomplishes benevolently a staggering number of more than 70 official appearances per year, in Luxembourg as well as abroad.

The Wine Queen is the ambassador of the whole region and its products, she is simply the face of the Luxembourg Moselle and her wine growers.

Let the Wine Queen be your guide to the excellency of Luxembourg wines and crémants !

Paul H. Lorenz
President of the Festival Committee